Easy Ways to Be More Eco Friendly

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Easy Ways to Be More Eco Friendly

If one of your goals is to be a more environmentally conscious person, than we have some tips for you! There is no shortage of information out there about the environmental impact that we’re having on our beautiful planet, so we thought we would share some helpful information on how you can make some minor shifts in your lifestyle that can make a big difference to your eco footprint. We can all likely agree that we should do whatever is possible to create a cleaner and brighter future for our children.

Here are 4 easy ways to be more eco friendly this year:

  • Shop local – not only will you be getting the freshest fruits and vegetables for your family, but you’ll also be helping local farmers and food producers rather than big box stores that are owned by some of the wealthiest people in the world. On top of that, you’ll also be cutting down on how far your goods have to travel to get to you, which in turn will reduce your overall carbon footprint. 
  • Use less plastic – #plasticfree is the only way forward in eliminating the horrible effects that plastics are having on the natural environment. Try these quick and easy options for your daily life – use a stainless steel or copper water bottle, don’t use plastic straws, use non-plastic garbage bags, refuse takeaway cutlery and carry your own reusable utensils with you, and try not to purchase consumer goods that are encased in plastic.  Gather up every bit of plastic waste that can not be taken away by your town’s recycling service, and drop it into the plastic bag recycling bin at your local grocery store like Whole Foods.

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  • Eat less meat  factory farming is not good for people, animals or the environment.  Just drive by a commercial cattle farm and you will be disgusted at the smell, and horrified at the sight of those animals standing in their own waste waiting to be slaughtered.  Vegetarians with a pure, well balanced diet not only manifest health, but also contribute to a better economy, and a cleaner and more peaceful planet.  If you can not do without meat, at least buy organic meat that has been raised in a way that gives the animals a free range happy life.

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