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A Special Message From The Owner Of Victorian Organics

Hi, it's Deborah

Thanks for visiting my vintage and antique inspired store for mothers, Victorian Organics! It's a pleasure to offer you my best from 45 years of experience as a professional textile and clothing designer, since the start of my arts and crafts business in 1975. I've loved art since I learned to color between the lines when I was 6 years old, and I have loved to design and sew since I was 12, when my big sister taught me how to sew a dress. I've enjoyed making several thousand hand made garments with my own 2 hands, along with supervising some of my designs being made in India. I'm particularly passionate about making baby clothes, because I truly believe in nurturing all children in an environment of comfort, health and love. My work comes from my heart out of pure love of nature, and the life that blossoms forth from every new born baby. I give you and all children everywhere my sincere wishes for peace and happiness.

My Promise To You

I can promise that you and your little ones will love the feel of my line of children’s clothing made from the softest, organic fabrics custom made to my strict specifications. I also promise that I have poured my heart and soul into each unique design, with the hope that mothers will find the little keepsakes as dear to their hearts as I do. If you are planning for a new baby, baby shower, christening or birthday party, Victorian Organics is your sustainable and compassionate store for baby clothes, fabric, toys, bedding, and vintage decor. May we also be your inspiration for the fine art of mothering!

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Let's Create a Sustainable Future

Health, nutrition and sustainability are always on my mind. I have been a vegetarian and mostly vegan for the last 50 years, and I feel more alive now than when I was a kid eating the standard American diet. I am passionate about the environment and creating a future for our children that is full of natural beauty and compassion for all of life.  Along with visiting my store for mothers at VictorianOrganics.com please visit my health and well being store at HealthyHappyNowTips.com.

Giving Back to Those in Need

I have loved traveling many times to remote villages in India, and I want to create a better life with income opportunities for those in need. You can rest assured that your purchase is not only sustainably sourced, but it goes a LONG WAY to improving a more positive future for all. So, from myself, my team and future generations, thank you for supporting Victorian Organics.


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