Sonnets Of The Sun Pillar

Health and Happiness

Solar pillar

June 3, 2012
Mendocino County, California

One day at thirty three hundred feet high
From the top of a Mendocino hill
One of those rolling hills of oak and pine
A sighting created a life fulfilled

A glimpse into the wonders of nature
Optics refined by universal mind
Gave sight to the elements’ surrender
In serendipity to grand design

This way the day was painted and adorned
With energies lined up at every height
Sky giving to glisten before the storm
A play of melting cold, color and light

On this day I saw the electrons dance
In a once in a lifetime happenstance

Frozen ice crystals melting five miles high
Coming whispering down from cirrus clouds
Disappearing in the sound of a sigh
In the heart of a witness on the ground

A pillar of frozen light refracted
Came in a line, straight away from heaven
With shivers of awe, my soul was impacted
By fire and ice in a grand procession

The beam came down that day before a storm
Out of thin air, never touching the ground
Raising the spirit in a life reborn
With colors of the rainbow circling ’round

A rose colored wand shedding God’s grace
Part of my heart after leaving that place

by Ariadne
copyright 2012

Sonnets of sun pillar

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