Why Buy Organic? How to Create a Better Future

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Why buy organics

So you eat organic produce once in a while, but you only do so because you’re told it is the healthiest option for your body. Well, have you ever stopped to consider that it is not just what you consume into your body that should be of healthiest quality, but also what you put on it? In this article we will focus on why you should buy organic not only in the grocery store, but wherever possible. We specifically focus on why organic farming is so important for all industries.

For example, our clothing. Cotton is one of the most common fabrics used to dress people around the world. The fashion industry capitalises on this fact and charges a premium to customers that likely have no idea where their fabrics come from or what they are made of. Well, we hope to help people wise up to where their products come from and how to choose more wisely.

Why Organic Farming is Important 

The Farmer – Organic farmers really should be granted more rewards than just a healthy crop. Farmers are among the hardest, passionate working professionals and to add the organic tag onto their products, makes them also the most caring. To be an organic farmer, you have to care not only about the environment, but your consumers and the future of the world as well. You need to constantly monitor your crops and produce to ensure you meet the standards that come with the territory of organics (which are very particular and expensive) and you need to do so all with the hope that future generations will carry on your passion and values. So a round of applause should absolutely be given to organic farmers and you should support their hard work and buy organic whenever you can.

The Farm – Farming is incredibly strenuous on the environment and this fact is what paved the pathway back to organic practices. Conventional cotton farms often use up to 1/4 kg of insecticides to produce enough cotton for one single shirt. These insecticides leach into the ground and can contaminate water tables, surrounding crops and even create species of mutant insects that are resistant to the chemicals used. Sounds crazy, right? Well, the alternative methods used by organic farmers are traditional, harmless practices like barrier protection, or natural products to keep away the same (if not more) insects.

Your Health – If you think about the amount of chemicals used to produce just one shirt, would you then want to put that shirt on to your bodies largest organ – your skin? Would you really want to subject your children to the exposure of toxic chemicals that produce mutant insects? Well, we hope not, which is why we use only organic fabrics to make our line of Children’s clothing.

Even if you don’t switch to organic clothing immediately, we hope you’ve learned to have a little more respect for the care and passion that goes into the organic production process. We also hope you use your power wisely to buy organic from producers whenever possible.

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