Frequently Asked Questions...   

Q. What shade of white are the Victorian eyelet clothes?

A. The Victorian Organics eyelet clothing is a soft antique white, not a stark white, and not a bright bleached white. The fabric used is called PFD (Prepared For Dyeling) and contains no optical whiteners or bleach.

Q. What shade of white is the optic white fabric?

A. The optic white fabric is a bright white that has been whitened with hydrogen peroxide, which is a certified organic optical whitener. The fabric contains no chlorine bleach.

Q. How do the clothing sizes run?

A. The sizing of Victorian Organic clothing runs true to age. For example: the 6-9 month size fits and average 6-9 month old baby. Also, the 6 month size would be a short way of saying 6-9 months.